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Solihull professional Carpet cleaning services

We offer a professional carpet cleaning services throughout Solihull. Our carpet cleaning services are for businesses and local Solihull residents alike. We have a high-level cleaning service for carpets, upholstery and rugs. We cover the whole of Solihull and have built up a good reputation for offering a professional service at a sensible price.

Our Carpet Cleaning services

We offer a professional cleaning service. We clean all types of rugs from short pile to long shaggy rugs. We clean at our client properties which means they get there rug straight away.

Carpet cleaning in Solihull

We offer a carpet cleaning service which is second to none. We use a process to examine the type of carpet we are working with and then use the very best solutions to get the best cleaning results.

Upholstery cleaning

We clean all types of upholstery, whether it’s a sofa, armchair or even a poof. We have tools that are able to get right into the corners of a sofa in order to give it a good clean.

We serve firstly the whole of Solihull

  • Yardley Wood
  • Marstons Green
  • Acocks Green
  • Shirley
  • Solihull Town Centre

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Here at carpet and upholstery cleaning in Solihull, The best deep steam carpet cleaning methods are being used so we can serve our lovely customers with the best possible carpet results.  

All our carpet & upholstery cleaning experts are trained, Insured and experienced. we have been serving Solihull homes and businesses since 2003. With non-toxic agents and modern equipment, we set new standards that minimise the impact on the environment. Yet we get excellent results to eliminate and contaminants germs from your carpet. 

We also provide rug cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning or any other upholstered items that you might have in your home.  Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is highly rated among our competitors. 90% of our customers last year has recommended us to their friends and families.

Carpet Cleaning Company Solihull

Over our many years of providing proven and professional cleaning services, we’ve built up a sturdy roster of customers, ranging from commercial businesses and establishments, to domestic homes, with one of our key focuses being carpet restoration. We can get your carpets looking almost new again!

When it comes to the carpets of any given property, you can bet on one thing; they won’t be properly clean. Carpets can house all manner of filth, and not just the kinds you can see.

It’s just about the aesthetics either, ingrained dust, allergens, and grime in carpets can be terrible for your health, especially if you’re asthmatic or an allergy sufferer. For those of us with over or underactive immune systems, grubby carpets can make life very uncomfortable.

That’s when you need to call in the right carpet cleaner Solihull.

If you are looking for A-class carpet cleaning for an office or a commercial space, then you are in luck – Quick Dry Carpet Cleaner Solihull has exactly that. Our family-run company has been in the cleaning industry since 2001. We know just how important it is to have clean carpets in the office, your commercial or industrial building. We have the means to do the job to the highest standard without any problem whatsoever.

Our goal is to help any business out there, whether it be with carpet cleaning or some other service. In particular, we have greatly developed our carpet cleaning portfolio over the years to include cleaning for a diverse set of clients. Contact us when you need us to address the job in:

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Commercial buildings
  • Accommodation
  • Retail spaces

With us on your side, all of the carpets, upholstery, mattresses and curtains in the area will improve their looks and appear as good as new. Such is the effect of our commercial carpet cleaning service that you and everyone else in the area will immediately notice the difference.