Rug Cleaning

Rugs falling within the speciality rug category are generally hand made, whether that be hand bound, flat woven or hand knotted.

We have over twenty years of Expert rug cleaning experience. We are able to properly clean all sorts of Professional rugs and also carpets.

Our professional Rug Cleaning service combines market leading technology with years of experience in the cleaning of household fabrics. Our professional team can cleanse all kinds and also sizes of rugs, leaving them intense, fresh and also clean. We provide two degrees of Rug Cleaning service:
Criterion Rug Cleaning:

Extensively cleansed to get rid of challenging spots.

Platinum Service Rug Cleaning:

Includes Clean, Sanitise and Protect therapies. In addition to persistent discolor elimination, we additionally get rid of germs brought on by family pets and also basic messing. Your rug is then offered a safety treatment to aid stand up to future messing and staining. Safeguard therapies are recommended if your rug has a high woollen web content.


To begin the process, we examine each and every rug to check for any kind of existing damage or spots. Dirt commonly hides dye whole lot variants, fiber discoloration, dye blood loss, used locations and also knots that then become apparent once the rug is cleaned. Several of these are damages that can possibly be fixed or reversed, while others are weaving features (abrash & white knots).


Once we’ve finished a pre-wash assessment, we can start the rug cleaning process with an extensive dusting. Many rugs are capable of holding up to one pound of dust per square foot prior to they even appear unclean. Dry dusting is a vital initial step to the clean procedure, as cleaning a rug that’s hiding large quantities of fine grit and dirt in the structure produces mud, which is of course a lot harder to clean. It’s this phase that got rid of every one of the soil that can (and also will certainly) damages your rug over time. Our Rug Badger, a vibrating machine made particularly for the cleaning of rugs, will vanquish even the most deep and also stubborn of soil as well as debris.


Now, your rug will be examined for colorfastness. If the dyes are not colorfast, then the rug is prepared by setting the dyes. The rug will certainly after that be taken in cold water and a moderate shampoo, utilizing soft brushes for moderate anxiety of the fibers. How much time the rug is soaked for depends on how much surface area dirt requires to be eliminated from the fibers. The rug will after that be thoroughly rinsed with water prior to being spun in our centrifuge spinner, which will eliminate approximately 95% of the water it has absorbed. It’s important to obtain a rug dry as quickly as possible, as this decreases the opportunities of dye movement.


As soon as the rug has actually been cleansed, guard can be applied. This coats each fiber to in a safety barrier to push back landed dirt as well as splillings. Areas as well as spills can be quickly mopped up, as the protective layer stops the fibre from taking in.